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The moon

4.12.2017 my dog went outside barking at something/someone at about 11pm and I rolled out of the bed to find this moon shining straight in to my face.

How could I not walk back in to my room and get all my gear to take a shot of it.

Well by the time I was ready the clouds settled nicely over it.

Patience I told myself I am sure I dident get woken up for cloud photos. And not long after the moon was bright as the photo below and smiling at me.

I love this shot below as well. It looks to me like ink was spilled on the moon and slowly flowing on the whole moon.

I believe that photography and taste are always a point of view. If you like it it does not mean someone else is liking it as much as well. But know its enough that you like it.

So on my private facebook page I got asked how I did take the photos.

I have used my canon 7D, my lens 70-200mm, my tripod and the right settings.

For my camera and where I was located I started of with 1/250, F8 and ISO 250.

Due to the clouds I had do manually adjust it while shooting. I as well have taken the stabilizer out while this shoot.

So the next time you get woken up and you have the right gear, who not spending some time outside and shooting the moon.

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