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Light flowers at 2.30am

Here it goes. Everyone who likes moon photography, including me where talking about the super full moon.

So by the time my kids where sorted, my camera ready and the moon would be in the right position that I can take the shot of my deck, there was only clouds.

10 pm 2.1.2018 NZ and a thick cloud blanket over the moon. Oh well it looks like I am missing out this time.

2 am rolls on and my toddler is waking me up. after he is resettled I check the sky and thought i might give it a go.

Sure enough about 2.20 am I got the moon shot that I wanted.

But due to the wait I tried light painting out in my garden and got this photo below. Blue light flowers created by me with my light painting tool.

I was very surprised the flowers came out blue as the light was white. But this was the first of its kind and I cant wait to do more.

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#lightpaintingbrushes #denissmith

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